ME with my Family

-a life learner father, to whom i learn-

My father is a trader, mostly he perform an ex automotive business. I admire him so much, since he support me to go to collage, and try his best to support it!He’s an expert on his fields, he’s not even finished his elementary school, however by he’s experience and learn from others he become who he is now!
I think not many people can have that talent, a talent to take life is the real learning process, and the amazing part is My Father did that!!
Thank You Dad for making me who i am now!^^ without your support this is impossible…

-a lovely and religious mother, to whom i always hold-

My mom is an ordinary house wife, but her Love to me lighter my life! By her believe that i can have confidence to be an extraordinary girl, breaking a traditional custom of a local sukabumi girls who’s uneducated and just normal girl. With my moms believe even-though we are so poor family, i can pursue study up to graduate school.
My mom always say the most important things in my life is always to be the way who i am and never give up with all the life obstacle. She say God only answer prayer of people who’s try the best their could, and never give up!
Thank you mom, for teaching always believe in God Love and never give up in life, You are my life teacher!

-The brothers, to whom i realize about love sharing-

I have FOUR brothers, hendang (diseased), hendi, ade and rangga. I realize every-time i need them, they always there! They always be my superman!! They never jealous eventhough they could not pursue their higher educations. They realize, a women like me need to break the traditional custom and be an extraordinary sukabumi girls.
Thanks Brothers!!for all your love and care!!

-The sister, to whom i always share my life-

i have one sister (finally), she’s like the opposite of me, but for that reason i love her so much!!I just hope someday you will get your happiness sis, and now just be patients, ok?

“There’s always family behind a figure, the family who makes me always feels in home” Thank you Allah, for giving me my beloved family!!

2 Responses to ME with my Family

  1. wildanthoyib01 says:

    Asik,,,main2 ah ke blognya…tarik manggggggg

  2. karismaya says:

    ada informasi gag?? buat kuliah musik ke korsel buat lulusan SMA replay ke email saya ( sblumnya makasih . . “kamsahamida” 🙂

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