Reflooding Experiment on Vertical Surface using Al2O3 Nano-fluids

Reflooding experiment on vertical surface using Al203 nanofluids were conducted to see the effect of using Al203 nanofluids on the quenching speed. Homogeneous and stable nanofluids have been produced by suspending well dispersible Al203 nano-particle into water base fluid. Al203 nanofluids (0.0001 vol.% and 0.01 vol.%) were prepared for experiments. From zeta potential results our Al203 nano-fluids has a good stability. The test section was an annular channel with a concentric inner rod made of stainless steel SUS316 and an outer tube made of quartz glass. The experimental data obtained show that quenching speed using nanofluids enhanced compare to water.

Keywords: film boiling; Nanofluids; Al203 nanofluids , reflooding, quenching

About teteh ai

hi~ i am ai now i am a student in KAIST with major nuclear engineering, i also still officially work for Nuclear Energy Regulatory Body in Indonesia, ...lets go nuclear!!
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2 Responses to Reflooding Experiment on Vertical Surface using Al2O3 Nano-fluids

  1. yones says:

    Hi, I’m yones from depok.
    I am confused about how to calculate particle volume fraction. For example, we get 0.1% vol. of nanofluid. How can we calculate such entity?

  2. Sergey says:

    Hi, Miss Nuclear! 🙂

    I’m a post-graduate student from Russia and well you know i entered your personal page occasionally. I was trying to find some new info and materials for my PhD thesis when i saw your page. The theme you’re researching is really very interesting and sophisticated and it’s quite close to mine. Here in Russia i carry out some experimental and computational investigation of model 19 or 37 rod FA’s (fuel assemblies) reflooding. The key words are quench front, bottom or (and) top reflooding, influence of ZrO2 layer on rod claddings, surface roughness and so on….

    Please excuse me for such looooooong letter! Now it is going to be the main idea. 😉

    I’m very interested with your investigation results and would like you to share them with me. I mean i would like you to send me WORD or PDF copy of your article. That’s my e-mail:

    Of course i might share my results with you. Nuclear energy is our general idea so we should support each other i think 🙂

    P.S. In my supervisor’s (prof. Kuzma-Kichta) scientific group there are quite much useful results on nanofluids boiling…

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