A study on Stabilized Colloidal Fullerene (C-60) Nanoparticles for Pool Boiling Heat Transfer Applications

We report the first Critical Heat Flux (CHF) experiment in pool boiling conditions using Fullerene (C60) nanofluids. Fullerene (C-60) nanofluids (0.0001, 0.001, and 0.01 vol.%) were prepared for experiments. We observe that maximum CHF enhancement up to ~108% was observed at volume concentration 0.01% Fullerene (C-60) nanofluids compare to pure waters. The heat transfer coefficient also found enhanced, the boiling curves observed shifted to the right. After experiment we found there was nanoparticle deposited on the heater surface, several investigations have been performed to discover the porous layer on the heater surface. The mechanisms of pool boiling CHF and heat transfer coefficient enhancement using Fullerene (C60) nanofluids also been discussed.

Keywords: CHF; Nanofluids; Fullerene; C60; Pool boiling; CHF enhancement; SEM; AFM; contact angle; zeta potential

About teteh ai

hi~ i am ai now i am a student in KAIST with major nuclear engineering, i also still officially work for Nuclear Energy Regulatory Body in Indonesia, ...lets go nuclear!!
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